Credit Repair Services

I opened Omega in 2004, and it quickly became widely known as the authority in consumer credit repair. I left Omega in 2016, but I remained an advisor to its then owner, David Dishman.

"Credit Ready"

"Credit Ready In 5 Simple Steps" was designed as a tool for consumers to prepare for a major purchase, and is available upon request for consumers, as well as professionals in mortgage, real estate, and auto sales and finance, too!

Consumer Products

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, is your resource for credit reports, scores, & monitoring services, plus loans and credit for all credit levels!

Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair

While there's no substitute for the assistance of an expert credit repair company, using do-it-yourself credit repair template letters created by a consumer credit expert is definitely the next best thing.

Are you sick of those annoying robocalls?

How would you like to make as much as $3,000 per robocall, and make illegal telemarketers stop calling you? Now you can! Most of these robocallers know that what they're doing is illegal. That's why they go to such great lengths to hide their identities, so you can't find them. They "spoof" their numbers, and just plain old lie about who they are, or where they're calling from. I've been busting robocallers since 2013, and now I've created a simple, easy-to-use kit, that teaches you how to take the calls, track the callers, and make them PAY YOU!



Need an expert media contributor?

I've done a ton of television, radio, and podcast interviews, doing my best to spread the message of how important an understanding of consumer credit is. Do you have a show, or  podcast for which you need a consumer credit expert's opinion or input?

Also, as a regular writer for and contributor to a number of online and print publications for nearly a decade, I'm pleased to offer my services in that arena as well.  Contact me for more information on securing an appearance or contribution!

Need industry-specific training for your staff?

Whether you're in real estate, mortgage, or auto sales and finance, your success depends on consumer credit. Many times, professionals in these industries simply lack the critical knowledge to set themselves apart in their fields, simply because of a lack of training. I offer industry-specific training courses, ranging in duration from a few hours to several days, that will put your sales team ahead of the game, and guarantee you better sales numbers. Plus, training of this kind encourages loyalty, and allows you to retain the personnel you've worked hard to acquire, teach and train in your system. Contact me to schedule your next training!


Need a dynamic speaker for your next event?

I've been told I'm as entertaining as I am informative... I always try to remain relatable by mixing my own personal experiences - both good and bad - into my presentations for large groups. I've spoken to large groups of realtors, lenders, auto sales & finance groups all over the country, and would love to bring my unique stories and perspectives to your next meeting or seminar. Contact me for booking information!

Sales and Brand Management Consulting

Having limited my consulting services almost exclusively to people in the credit services industry for nearly a decade, I'm excited to now offer those same services to other industries as well, subject to approval, based on an in-depth application process.

Many with whom I've worked over the years have been most impressed with my unique approaches to things like "identity-based branding", and fully customizable, "unique-to-your-brand" sales techniques. I pride myself in finding the ways you can reach your targeted demographics in a way that they've never been reached, and service them from so far outside the box fashion, that they'll become raving fans and referral sources for years to come! . Contact me to schedule your interview!


Ready to call on my experience yet?

I'm anxious to share what I've learned over the last two decades with you and your sales team or industry group. Let me know how we can turn my knowledge into your success!
Thank you!

Doc Compton
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