Follow Me On Social Media

Follow Me On Social Media!

I wanted to let you know all of the different social media outlets I frequently use, so you can follow me on social media. Here’s a list of links…

  1. My professional facebook page – Business related stuff, about consumer credit, credit repair, credit restoration, etc…
  2. My personal facebook page – This is the page that really got me into social media. I may talk about just about ANYTHING here. I’m maxed out on friends at 5,000, but feel free to follow me, since I keep most everything public anyway.
  3. Instagram – I post a lot of motivational and inspirational stuff here, but I also tend to let my artistic side come out through pictures of the things I love, like my family, golf, and random artsy photos I’ve taken.
  4. Twitter – “The hardest thing for me about twitter is the fact that I’m asked to express myself in 140 characters or less… I mean, who can possibly do…”
  5. LinkedIn – They¬†say you shouldn’t post funny stuff there. So I post a fair number of articles, and helpful consumer credit tips.

There’s several more, but ¬†these are the ones you’ll likely enjoy most!

All the best,

Doc Compton

THE consumer credit expert.